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This School was established in the year 1998 and was shifted to this site in October 2005 with a motto to impart quality education. It was
a dream for the people of this rural area “an English medium school with CBSE affiliation. That dream came true when the Manager
Shri. Valsan Matathil, who also had the same vision , joined the people and started this venture. Now the school has classes from L.K.G to
X Std. The day to day activities of the school are according to the guidelines issued by the educational department of the State
Government and the CBSE of the Central Government. The school has a set of excellent and dedicated trained and experienced teachers
and staff members to impart education and to give administrative support to the students. As everyone experiences now, the school has a
congenial atmosphere to impart and receive education.
Malabar English School is emphatic about providing child-centric and life-centric education and keeping this in mind we offer learning
that is both interactive and experiential, within the framework of the CBSE curriculum and NCERT syllabus
The kindergarten is the first experience of the child and curriculum is done in the play-way method, involving free-play, both indoor and
outdoor. Activities like role play, games , art, music and audio-visuals besides the structured ‘three R s’ are emphasized. The teachers and
staff ensure a very homely atmosphere for the tiny-tots.
The primary classes during which basic skills are learnt, lay the foundation for higher learning. The three languages (namely English,
Malayalam & Hindi) Maths & EVS are taught. Art, GK, Computer, PT, Value Education, Music and Library are included too.
Taekwondo, Abacus and Dance classes are given on all Thursdays.
In the middle school and secondary section the students experience the joy of learning gain deep understanding of the concepts, develop,
research and experiential skills and learn to accept responsibilities for their actions, decisions and outcomes.
In the secondary section, the main subjects are the three languages , Mathematics , Science and social Science (only two languages are
compulsory in IX and X std ). Equal importance is given to Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas : while scholastic areas enhance knowledge
and its application ,co-scholastic areas help in developing life-skills and character building. Yoga classes are given to class VI to X on
Saturdays to help to develop mind and body growth and inter-connect. Computer lab, Science Lab, Math Lab and audio- visual classes
help to strengthen the learning process.
A set of dedicated teachers act as facilitators and guide the students in their learning, using various methods and activities, providing them
hands-on learning experiences that they can apply in real-life situations. While planning the pedagogy, it is ensured that learning
outcomes, minimum levels of learning and the skills and competencies are attained by keeping in mind that the communication skills ,
collaboration skills, creative and critical thinking skills are developed. Care is taken to make the entire scholastic process, child-centric,
life-centric, integrating, IT, art , values, experiential learning using innovative method and establishing inter-disciplinary connect.
Cultural fest, Exhibition, Sports Day & School day. Education trips, SEWA and other observations and celebration offer a good platform
for students to explore and exploit their talents and competencies
The academic year consist of 3 terms June to August, September to December and January to March. Students are evaluated on the basis
of Written tests and Internal assessments which include Activities, projects, note book maintenance etc. in the Primary section and
multiple assessment, Subject Enrichment Activity and Portfolio in secondary section.
Environmental Awarness
The school promotes environment consciousnes in students by planting trees (Ornamental, shady , Medicinal Herbs and
vegitable gardening). Students participate in Eco and Health club which promote gardening.Swachhatha Wing takes care of
the cleanliness of the campus and surroundings.It is the responsibility of each house on a weekly basis to see that cleanliness
is maintainted everywhere.
Children have been instructed to stop the use of plastic bottles, plastic wrapped sweets etc

In-Service training for teachers
Many workshops and training programmes conducted by CBSE and Sahodaya school complex and other Publishing
companies are attended by the Principal and teachers of our school so that they are well aware of the latest trends in the
teaching-learning process. This ensures that students and teachers of our school are at par with other CBSE students of the
city. This year we had two day training from Centre of Excellence CBSE on class room management and also a three day
Training programme conducted with the help of Mr Rajesh K P senior Mathematics Lecturer DIET , Thalassery on learning
disabilities, psychological approach and teaching of Maths and Science

Parents and PTA meetings
A vital role is played by our parents in the progress of this school. PTA meetings were held regularly in July October and
December and for the KG section in August and December. The PTA president Mr. Sajesh is an active member of the
council. The progress of the students are discussed, suggestions and opinions of parents and teachers are shared in the
presence of the Management. A friendly and healthy rapport is depicted in the over-whelming and active participation of our
beloved parents in all the activities of the school. We have enjoyed this support from the Parents in the past and look forward
to the same in future also.
Sports and Games
We give importance to sports and games
The annual sports day was flagged off by Dr. Nisa M, Asst. Professor &Head Department of Physical Education (Mahatma Gandhi College, Iritty) Master Amith Vinod of Grade X Carried the lighted torch followed by a March Past and Mass Drill. Inter house Football and shuttle matches
were held . Master Rudhrashish  N of Xstd and Miss Devangana  K V of VIII std were declared Individual champions. As a part of
health and Physical education stipulated by CBSE Yoga classes are given to the staff and students by Mr. Sadananthan.